• Suzanne Bourne

Setting up a simple Carers Emergency Plan

Suzanne is part of the team here at Mobilise. She cares for her husband Matt who was diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson's 16 years ago. She's been updating her Carers Emergency Plan as a way to get ready for Covid-19. She has also created a simple template that you can use to create your own Carers Emergency Plan

Since I wrote these we have created some other resources that might be helpful as you create your emergency plan:

A list of emergency and useful numbers - with room to add your own

Some ideas about who can help

Chloe's blog on 'What if plans'

There is a great plan in my head about what our family would do if I was suddenly taken ill or in an accident. I even went so far as to get a Carers Emergency Plan set up with our local carers organisation. (Do I get a gold star?)

This always seemed like a big job to do but once I’d sat down with someone who helped me gather all the information together it wasn’t as hard as I had thought and I was rewarded with that “peace of mind” feeling.

My husband’s medication and care needs have changed so I know I need to update my carers emergency plan. However, more importantly the Covid-19 situation seems to have changed things too.

  • What if I need to self-isolate?

  • Our back-up team of grandparents might not be the best people to come and help us out now.

  • My husband’s care needs may not be a priority when there are many others with more complex situations who will need support from local services.

So I’m taking a fresh look at my carers emergency plan. As always I want to keep it super simple otherwise I’ll lose momentum. Here is my step by step approach:

  1. What information do I know from memory?

  2. What information do I need to look up?

  3. What needs a bit more thought and discussion? There are other people to be involved here (husband, children, parents)

  4. Who can help, and with what?

  5. What practical steps do I need to take - e.g who will have a copy, who has a spare door key?

And then:

  • How can I keep it up to date?

  • What else can I do to be “Ready for anything!”

Let’s keep it simple!

When I started to look into this I got a little distracted by some other useful things like “Medic Alert” and the “Message in a bottle scheme”. I found information that advised me to contact my local carers organisation, get a care needs assessment for my husband and create a care plan for him, or even create a emergency health care plan. I’m sure some of these things will be relevant and useful to me but they were making the task seem more complicated.

I also thought this could become a great toolkit with everything I need to cover every eventuality in one place….That might be phase 2!

Note to self “One step at a time, stay focused!”

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