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Welcome to Mobi Minis

Scroll through the world of Mobi, the Cuppa, as Mobi navigates caring - through the chuckles, near-accidents, personal care and more! 

Latest comic strip

admin sludge 1.png

The hidden reason why we find carer admin hard. Surprise! It's not us.


Introducing “Sludge theory”, read more about how admin tasks are often designed to be unnecessarily complex and time-consuming. Plus, ways we can overcome it. 

new year resolutions 1.png

"Exercise" they said. "It'll make you happier," they said. Little did they know... 


We already do! Instead of doing more, these seven simple tips could change everything.

Mobi on DND 1.png

Can we blame Mobi for wanting to be on "do not disturb"? Especially during the holiday season! 


Our community shares nine ways we can make the holidays more special without feeling the need for it to picture picture-perfect. 

Cosycore 1.png

Is cabin fever setting in? Even for those of us who are homebodies staying indoors can be a little too much sometimes.


From ideas to make our homes feel more welcoming, to ‘cosycore’ activities, and much more, pop the kettle on and get stuck in

Winter home 1.png


Are dehumidifiers a carer's best friend...? 


It's definitely something carers from our community have recommended we have, especially through the colder months.


See our full list of winter home tips in our blog.







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