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What's it like being a guest on Mobilise: LIVE?

Our Mobilise: LIVE 📺 is an opportunity to get together with carers in our community and talk about the things that matter, live.


We believe the best way of learning is through sharing what has worked for us when caring for a family member or friend - the highs and lows, the "to-do's" and "not-to-do's". 

Illustration of video call

".... it was great to be part of something new, to meet the other carers, and to reflect on changes in respite arrangements I have made to thrive as full-time unpaid carer."

"I wanted to give something back to the community. It gave me something to do this morning. A welcome distraction."

"I was proud to have been asked - I really enjoyed it and I’m grateful that you asked me....I felt like me again for a little while"

We're all about putting carers in the driving seat

Not a scary one, promise. 😉


But more of letting carers take control and having our voices heard. Together with carers in the Mobilise Hub, we've hosted multiple lives on popular topics, including 'How to get respite that actually works for you' to 'Understanding benefits and savings for carers'. 

How does it work?

Typically, there will be three carer guests, who are also part of the Mobilise Hub, and one host who is part of the Mobilise team. 

The benefits of being a guest


  • Meet and chat with other carers in similar positions

  • Share with other carers what has worked for you

  • A chance to try something new

"Thank you for letting me take part. I had such a wonderful time. And pushed a few personal boundaries too."

Who will be watching?

Our Mobilise: LIVE sessions are only for those who are caring for a family member or friend - and so they're carers just like you! And we tend to have between 15 - 50 carers join us. 

We're all in similar boats, on different journeys with our unique experiences to share. 

Watch our previous Mobilise: LIVEs

Want a little feel for what the real thing will be like? Enjoy our previous Mobilise: LIVEs from a whole range of topics to choose from.  

"Thank you so much for the amazing box of chocolates."

"I really enjoyed taking part in the admin panel."

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