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Carers' Covid-19 vaccination experiences

Our friends at Greenwich Carers Centre have been chatting with some of their carers about their experiences of receiving the Covid-19 vaccination.

Most carers will have received their invitation and vaccination by now - some of us have even had our second jab.

There are some of us however, who have been unable to take part so far. Our reasons vary, but include (amongst other things):

  • Practical challenges with getting there (such as someone to take care of our cared-for).

  • Our own anxiety, either at leaving the house, fear of needles or even the vaccination itself.

  • Maybe our own health issues have prevented us so far.

  • Or perhaps it’s simply ‘another thing to do’, and quite often the things ‘for us’ can drop to the end of our long list.

With this in mind, Greenwich Carers Centre have been chatting to some of their carers, about their experiences of getting the vaccine. They’re sharing their experiences, as they may offer some valuable information to those of us still waiting, thinking or trying to work out how to get our vaccination.

After all, the more we know, the better we can plan. Hopefully we’ll each find some reassurance and support from their words.

How did you book your appointment?

Some carers booked their appointments online via the NHS website. While others were contacted by their GP to arrange their vaccination. In some instances, carers took a proactive approach and contacted their GP to get their appointment.

How long were you at the vaccination appointment?

While longer waits may occur, the carers we chatted with were all seen very quickly. The only waiting time mentioned was 15 minutes, which we’re all asked to wait for, after we’ve had the vaccination. The general feedback is that the clinics are run very well.

Did the injection hurt?

All of our carers answered with an emphatic – no! We thought they’d say that, but it was still a relief to learn the injection did not hurt.

Did you have any side effects?

A few carers reported short-term side effects, ranging from headaches to flu-like symptoms and stomach aches. All the carers who experienced side-effects stressed these were gone within a few days.

Were the people at the vaccine centre friendly and accommodating of our needs?

Again, our carers were unanimous. Every single one of them said they found the staff friendly and efficient.

What made you decide to have the vaccine and what impact will it have on your roles as carers?

Here, and understandably so, the answers became more personal. Some carers were advised by their GPs to be vaccinated because they fell into higher priority groups themselves. While all our carers said they felt that being vaccinated would protect the people they care for.

For more information, our Carers' guide to the Covid-19 vaccination has lots of helpful tips.

We were really pleased to hear our carers’ first-hand experiences and we’re happy to be able to share them with other carers.

How do I get my vaccine?

Remember that getting registered as a carer with our GP is the first step to being vaccinated if we choose to do so. Registering with our GP will also start the process of getting a carer’s assessment to talk about our needs as a carer, if we have not yet received one.

To find out more about the vaccine, the NHS website has all the latest information.

If we are caring for someone in Greenwich, we highly recommend being in touch with the friendly team at Greenwich Carers Centre, tel 0300 300 2233 or through emailing them.

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