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Carers' Guide to the Covid-19 Vaccine

From the latest updates on Covid boosters to what we should expect as unpaid carers.

How can I book my Covid booster as an unpaid carer?

The NHS website has announced that we can no longer book a seasonal Covid-19 vaccine online or by calling NHS 119.

We may be able to book a Covid-19 vaccine with a local NHS vaccination service, or we can find a Covid-19 vaccination walk-in site.

The last date we will be able to get our seasonal Covid-19 vaccine is 31st January 2024.

How can I book my Covid booster as an unpaid carer?

How do I get my Covid-19 vaccine?


Register as an unpaid carer with our GP

Rather than phoning our surgeries at this busy time, most GP practices have a form on their website, or you can do so using the e-consult form.


To reduce the pressure on our GP surgeries, many of our local carers' centre are available to help too. We can find our local centre, using this tool.

Visit a walk-in vaccination site

If we are looking to get our Covid-19 vaccine we can do so Covid-19 booster at vaccination sites.

Ask our surgery if we can be vaccinated at the same time as the person we look after

Some GPs are offering this on a discretionary basis.

How do carers get their Covid-19 vaccine?

Should I get the Covid-19 vaccination?

By now, many of us may have already have the Covid-19 vaccinations and boosters. But for those who are still considering it, doctors and scientists have confirmed the vaccine as safe.


It doesn’t inject the actual live Covid-19 virus, instead it gives our bodies the tools to defend against the virus. Find out more about the ingredients for each vaccine here


"People with allergies and with pre-existing medical conditions, as well as those who are pregnant should always consult a doctor prior to being vaccinated." 


When making our decision, we should consider the implications for both ourselves and the person we care for, if we were to become poorly from Covid. 

Should carers get the Covid-19 vaccination?
Can carers get vacciated at the same ime a the person they care for?

Can carers get vaccinated at the same time as the person they care for?

While not official policy, some carers in our community have reported that some GP surgeries are allowing the carer to be vaccinated at the same time as the person they care for.


This appears to be a discretionary decision and may involve consideration of other factors including the carer’s age and health. If this would help you, it may be worth phoning your surgery or discussing with your nurse or GP.

If you have not registered as a carer with your GP, simply ask for a Carers Registration Form at reception. This should flag you as the carer for the person you are looking after. 

What is the Covid-19 booster process?

Depending on your area, the autumn boosters will be rolled out by the NHS. You may receive a text message inviting you to come in for a Covid-19 booster or to book an appointment online


Another option is that you can simply find a walk-in clinic near you

On the day of your vaccination, you may be asked to wait for a 15-minute observation period after receiving your jab (just to make sure there are no negative reactions).


If you're taking the person you care for with you, you may want to think about what will make that 15-minute wait as easy as possible for you both. That might be snacks or entertainment.

For anyone supporting a person with a learning disability or dementia, this simple vaccine guide from Mencap may be helpful.

What is the Covid-19 vaccination process?

Be scam aware

Be scam aware

Covid-19 vaccination timetable by country?

Unfortunately there are some convincing vaccination scams doing the rounds. The image supplied is from one of the scams, to demonstrate how convincing they are.

The scam emails and text messages often send us to a fake NHS website and ask for bank details to book our vaccine.

The Covid-19 vaccination is free of charge.

The NHS will never ask

  • For bank account details

  • Bank card or pin numbers

  • Documentation such as passports

If we think we or the person we care for have been the victim of fraud, we can report it to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040. 

Which magazine have prepared a helpful report on vaccine scams.

Last updated: December 2023

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