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Easter, Caring and Faith

For many of us in the UK Easter is a time to celebrate, be with family and enjoy a long weekend break. During lockdown however, Easter was very different. We had to find different ways to celebrate and be together.

For those of Christian faith this time of year is particularly significant. Easter is the holiest day in the year, remembering Jesus Christ's crucifixion and resurrection. Churches would normally hold many services during holy week.

People of all faiths have missed out on many important celebrations this year as well as time together at regular services, prayer times, shared meals and time spent volunteering together. We caught up with Carol from the Mobilise Community of Carers to find out more about how faith, caring and being part of a Church has been this year.

Growing up in faith

As a little girl I went to Sunday school and was soon embroiled in Church outings and the wonderful stories of Jesus. Growing up in a loving family, I have always known God and he has remained a big part of my life.

“As a carer in the most difficult times, I know he is holding me as I weep and that makes all the difference.”

My faith goes alongside my caring duties and the strength it gives me is immeasurable.

A typical Sunday morning

On a Sunday morning my family know that I will be sharing the service online and enjoy hearing me singing the hymns.

My son who I care for says,

“I love to hear you singing the hymns, because I know you’re happy.”

It’s lovely to sit in the comfort of my own home, whilst sharing the love of God with my friends.

There is always the odd hiccup with zoom and I miss the communion, but apart from that I believe the benefits are still there and I look forward to Sunday mornings and the time I have with my friends there.

Being part of a Church community

Lockdown meant sharing the Sunday service online with my friends around the circuit.

Because we have brief chats before and after the service, I have learned a lot more about them and their lives. I also keep in touch by WhatsApp everyday where we share daily hymns and prayers. If anyone is struggling, they are soon surrounded by the love of all their church friends and messages start flooding in to uphold them.

I believe as a carer we need the love and support of people who understands what we are going through.

My Mobilise friends are a major support to me too, and I draw a great deal from them day by day.

With thanks to Carol for kindly sharing her story with us. Just like Carol we would love for you to join our growing community. Mobilise's virtual cuppas run everyday through Monday to Friday. Here, we can unload and discuss our caring struggles with other unpaid carers who resonate. These include uplift topics too! See if a cuppa fits into your week here.


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