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October’s Mobilise Moment: Focusing on ourselves as carers

Every month we check in on how we’re all feeling and what we are tackling right now. We call it a “Mobilise Moment”. Thank you to everyone who took part in October.

74% of us said we are tackling our own mental and physical health and 64% of us said we are tackling our own quality of life. We are recognising how important it is to focus on ourselves, maybe even putting ourselves first.

If we are working on our own mental and physical health we can take a look at last month’s results where we were focussing on our own health as carers. Where we share lots of tips and advice for focussing on ourselves.

For those of us wanting to focus more on our own quality of life, we are noticing just how easily this can slip down the list of priorities. Particularly when we are in the midst of overwhelm, jam packed diaries, sleepless nights and worry about the person we care for, it can be hard to take action that impacts this. It fits far too neatly into the “important but not urgent” category.

I just have too much going on at once and feel overwhelmed
Hard to plan anything, or do things for myself, as my partner's health fluctuates
Getting personal space is a challenge

Small steps to start with

First we might need to find small ways that we can focus on ourselves starting to shift the balance more in our favour. Perhaps there is something to get us started in this blog: How to care for yourself when there is no time to care for yourself

Putting some time in the diary for you

We're invited to join an online coaching group programme with Suzanne, head of carer support. We’ll work together as a supportive group to look at what quality of life means to us, what stands in the way and how we can achieve a quality of life that is meaningful to us.


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