Plan Your Perfect 'Staycation'

Holiday cancelled, no spare cash, not safe to travel? You are not alone. Many of us are planning a 'staycation'. Carers are getting creative and have come up with some ideas to inspire us to create our perfect holidays at home. (No passport needed!)

Make a plan - Get everyone involved. Set aside your holiday dates. Is there a theme for your holiday?

Plan a world tour, visit a different country each day with meals, drink and music to match. Include a virtual tour of the local sights

Get holiday ready - Get the chores done, nails manicured, smart haircut. Let people know you are unavailable.

Don't do house work or gardening. You wouldn't do it on holiday and currently hotel's are not cleaning your rooms if you are away for a few days break.

Pack your bag - New toiletries and holiday clothes. Don't forget the suntan lotion, even if there's no sun this is what holidays smell like!

I've treated myself to new pyjamas and hotel quality sheets

Travel in style - What would be the highlights of your journey? An early morning start with breakfast on the way, a drink at the airport bar, a pub lunch, watching a film on the plane.

Once I've checked my bags in I head to the bar for my favourite drink

Check-in to your luxury accommodation - Clean sheets on the bed, new cushions and throws, tent up in the garden

Camp out in the living room

Fun filled days - Virtual days out, board games, scavenger hunts, water fights. Head out for a picnic and enjoy some simple games.

Watch a film that matches the theme of your holiday or is set in that country

Learn a new skill - A cocktail masterclass, painting course or try out a new recipe.

Set up a circus school - juggling, plate spinning, Diablo, stilt walking and more.

Relaxing days - Have a lie in, or get up early and enjoy dawn breaking. Seek out a romantic sunset. Take every opportunity to sit outside

Simply taking time out to read a book

Happy landings - Make your memories last longer with a travel journal or photo diary.

Fish and chips are a must if you missed them out you can have them on your first day back from your staycation!

Wishing you all some very happy holidays. Do send me a virtual postcard or a Tripadvisor style review of your holiday - we'll share them on our social media!

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