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Simple Face Covering Ideas

Since the Coronavirus, face coverings were compulsory such as on public transport or when visiting a hospital. Now that lockdown has eased and non-essential stores have opened, such protective measures have also been lifted. This does not mean we do not have a personal preference to continue wearing masks.

Will it protect me?

The Government says,

"Evidence suggests that wearing a face covering does not protect you. However, if you are infected but have not yet developed symptoms, it may provide some protection for others you come into close contact with."

We can view more details here.

Face coverings are not recommended for under three's or those with respiratory conditions. Others may feel very uncomfortable or distressed. We don't need to have proof, but some feel it gives them peace of mind.

Here's what one carer from the Mobilise community said:

"What I've done is make my own face mask for getting around and my wife has a face shield plus a letter from a GP to excuse her wearing a mask on buses."

Where can I buy a face covering?

During the peak of the Coronavirus, face masks were expensive or unavailable. However locally we may find people are making them and selling them to raise funds for charity.

We can check our local Facebook Groups or Nextdoor Community. Face coverings on Amazon are now back in stock and online fashion retailers have also added them to their range. We can even find homemade ones on Etsy which is great for supporting small businesses.

Homemade face coverings

If all we have is an old T-Shirt and a pair of scissors, we can make our own. Or get creative with a sewing machine. There are some simple instructions here.

Tips for wearing a face covering

  • Continue to follow social distancing and hand washing guidelines

  • Make sure it covers our mouth and nose

  • Wash hands every time we put on, touch or remove our face covering

  • Make sure we always wear it the same way round - so the side facing outwards does not come into contact with our skin, mouth or nose

"If you wear specs, buy carefully because the wrong mask can steam them up. Make sure they sit tightly over your nose, those with an adjustable bendy bit across the nose are best."

Washing a fabric face covering

When we take the mask off, put it in a plastic bag until we are able to wash it, then wash our hands. Masks can be washed with our normal washing or antibacterial hand soap.


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