Simple Face Covering Ideas

Other than on public transport and if visiting a hospital wearing a face covering isn't compulsory but some of us are thinking it might be a good idea to have one ready.

Will it protect me?

The Government says "Evidence suggests that wearing a face covering does not protect you. However, if you are infected but have not yet developed symptoms, it may provide some protection for others you come into close contact with." More detail here

Face coverings are not recommended for under 3's or those with respiratory conditions. Others may feel very uncomfortable or distressed. You don't need to have proof, but some feel it gives them peace of mind, here's what one of the Mobilise community said:

What I've done is make my own face mask for getting around and my wife has a face shield plus a letter from a GP to excuse her wearing a mask on buses

Where can I buy a face covering?

For a while they were expensive or unavailable. This may still be the case for surgical masks or respirators made for health care workers. Locally you may find people are making them and selling them to raise funds for charity - check you local Facebook Groups or Nextdoor Community. Online fashion retailers have also added them to their range or you will find homemade ones on Etsy

Homemade face coverings

If all you have is an old T-Shirt and a pair of scissors you can make your own. Or get creative with a sewing machine. There are some simple instructions here

Tips for wearing a face covering

  • Continue to follow social distancing and hand washing guidelines

  • Make sure it covers your mouth and nose

  • Wash hands every time you put on, touch or remove your face covering

  • Make sure you always wear it the same way round - so the side facing outwards does not come into contact with your skin, mouth or nose

Top tip from Maud & Mum

(do take a look at this great blog "Carers vs Covid 19" - lots more great tips and ideas)

If you wear specs, buy carefully because the wrong mask can steam them up. Make sure they sit tightly over your nose, those with an adjustable bendy bit across the nose are best.

Washing a fabric face covering

When you take the mask off put it in a plastic bag until you are able to wash it, and wash your hands. Masks can be washed with your normal washing.

I'm still not sure about wearing a mask...I haven't needed to yet, so I'm thinking wearing it for a short time at first might help me get used to it..I might try the simple T-shirt one first.

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