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The Wrong Cheese!

Reflecting upon lockdown, there were times where we had to dig deep for the humorous moments. When we spoke about moments of care, we uncovered a little about how carers helped each other out with the shopping. And it turns out the little things really matter.

Here are a few tales from our community of carers

"When my mam was still alive she would ask for a tuna or egg sandwich from a shop. “But no mayonnaise, I don’t like it”. Almost impossible! When she moved into her nursing home I visited her one day to find her eating a tuna mayo wrap!"

"My hubby dislikes tuna full stop yet one time when he was in hospital I arrived to visit finding him tucking into a tuna sandwich."

"During the lockdown I have done shopping for nine people. I have got the wrong ham, cheese, bacon, biscuits, bread and chocolate. At one point I had to FaceTime one person when I got to the meat section so as to get the right ham (which in my defence they didn’t even stock)."

"I have a friend who has got me things from one of the larger supermarkets. Potatoes being one item as I prefer a yellow flesh spud to a white one."

"Things I need from the large supermarket which I haven't ventured to as of yet (a friend or my neighbour go each week so they get what I need) I go online and do a screenshot of what I need then send them the pics."

"Unfortunately the people I shop for don’t do technology really. I have taught four of the nine to video call which hasn’t been easy but we have had a laugh."

"My Mum is shielding and it took four attempts to get her the right tea-bags! She wanted Twinning’s Decaf. The first carer bought Twinning's Caffeinated. The second bought Clipper Decaffeinated, and so on. She’s very fussy about her tea."

"I wouldn’t know where to start to ask someone to get our shopping! Our daughter is on a strict diet, so to rely on someone else, would make me feel so fussy! No gluten, no dairy, no refined sugar, no e-numbers, no soy, no artificial sweeteners, no MSG, no complex carbs - what are they? We’re often asked - what’s left? It’s not so complicated once you’ve got used to it - but I can remember the minefield it felt like at first. You wouldn’t believe how much stuff has sugar in it!"

"A lady I chat to is shielding and one of my friends is shopping for her. She’s very particular about wanting tinned spaghetti - but not the hoops. I’ve heard both sides of this story in phone calls. I’m very understanding in both cases of course!"

"You think you’re quite easy going and not fussy until you ask someone to get you bread and milk - three different types of milk and two specific types of bread (Supermarket Diva!)"

Sometimes a chat about the less critical things in life is a little light relief. If you're not part of our Facebook Group yet do give us a try.

We also have virtual cuppas which run from Monday to Friday. Join us for laughs, a fun chat and real deep conversations!

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