To do list or not to do list…. That is the question!

Chatting to carers in one of our virtual cuppas, we came to the conclusion that there are broadly speaking 3 types of people, when it comes to to-do lists:

A. People that use a to do list or app and it works for them
B. People with to do lists that don’t get done
C. People who don’t have to do lists but still survive.

Which one are you???? Well today’s blog is for those of you with to do lists that don’t get done (and perhaps we can take some inspiration from the A’s and the C’s)

Here are a few suggestions of things to try…. Don’t try it all but do try something new:

  • Make a shorter to do list, that is achievable

  • If a to do list isn’t working for you try not having one (or maybe not having one every day!)

  • If you find yourself getting distracted set an alarm to go off every half hour and reset your focus

  • Ask yourself "do these things really need to be done?" Joe has a nifty template for this, aptly named the Carers Priority Matrix. Click to find out how to use it!

  • Focus on what difference it will make to tick off some of these things - how will it feel when x,y, z are done?

  • Focus on how you want to feel by the end of the day, rather that what you want to have done

  • If there is someone else in your household, give each other 5 small achievable things to do for each other (Maybe you can make this work remotely too?)

  • And If overwhelm is your issue, try this short exercise on our Facebook page to help you focus on the things that are most important. Click here to watch the video

Over to you... any other things we could try? Do use the comments to let me know if you are an A, B or C too

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