Support for local authorities

We work with local authorities, to expand their engagement with unpaid carers. This works alongside traditional support services and allows you to extend your reach to those carers that don’t typically reach out to you, as well as making traditional delivery more efficient. This is how we work: 


  1. We use a range of digital marketing techniques to drive demand for our tools and services, identifying individuals as unpaid carers. 

  2. We engage carers with content created specifically for them 

  3. We offer a range of appropriate support services, handing over to  social care services wherever necessary

Our work is backed by academic research to ensure that we are always doing the best by carers.

The benefits of working with Mobilise

  • Ensure unpaid carers are supported during coronavirus. Continue to be able to provide support for unpaid carers, where physical meetings aren’t possible. 

  • Support unpaid carers who haven’t engaged with existing services. Extend your reach to carers online. 

  • Self-sustaining support. Our strengths-based approach means we equip carers with skills to help manage their life.

  • Carers supporting each other. We connect carers so that they don’t feel isolated, they share challenges, solutions and emotions amongst a knowing audience. 

  • Efficient delivery model that enables more space for traditional services.

Examples of our work

Working with Camden Council we supported carers online through the coronavirus outbreak: 

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