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A year of carer content

This week marked one whole year of Mobilise daily emails. And it's no coincidence that our daily emails started with the announcement of the first lockdown! We hope that our daily dose of carer support to your inbox, has been a source of comfort and a constant, in what has been a turbulent time.

We've shared all sorts of content with our emails - all inspired by our carers' community. From wellbeing to Covid news, from carers' stories to carers rights - and everything in between.

We hope you've used our emails as an excuse to pop the kettle on and take 5 minutes to yourself.

And you've probably noticed something about our content. We think the greatest source of support for carers - is from other carers. And we're very grateful to have such a fantastic community sharing their knowledge, insights, wisdom and empathy. Which we package up into the content we can share far and wide, to benefit of as many carers as possible.

So today, to mark our one year anniversary, we're sharing some of our most impactful pieces of content from the last year - just in case you missed any! So pop that kettle on and take your pick!

Practical carer content

Digital skills for carers

Being online over this last year has enabled so many of us to stay connected, even as the world shut down. Our guide helped carers to make the most of being online safely - from beginners to pros! Read more.

Carers guide to wills and trusts

Carers told us that one of their biggest worries was planning for the future. Our guide was written with both legal input and also feedback from carers who have been through the process. Read more.

What if plans

The unexpected can be a real worry for many of us. When we're responsible for someone else, the 'what ifs' that go through our mind can feel overwhelming. Having a plan can give us peace of mind and make unexpected events a little easier and safer to navigate. Read more.

First steps to getting help, as a carer

Top tips from our carers' community, looking at what support in our caring role might look like (it's not always obvious!). And to getting started with putting support in place. Read more.

A carers guide to getting stuff done, without leaving the house

As carers, even before the Coronavirus situation, getting out of the house hasn't always been easy. Leaving the person we care for might be impossible or only possible when we have alternative support in place. So here's how some carers are getting stuff done, from the sofa... Read more.

Wellbeing content for carers

How to care for yourself, when there's no time to care for yourself

We know that as carers we're not always blessed with free time for ourselves. We also know that looking after ourselves is essential - for our own wellbeing and if we wish to continue caring and caring well over the longer term. So here are a few simple things we can weave into our days, that can help. Read more.

3 top tips to lift our mood

Some days we just can't get going, our mood is low and the day drags. Even just a two percent shift in our mood, can create helpful momentum for us. Here are three simple tips to help nudge our mood in a helpful direction. Read more.

Caring and self-love

Embracing that uncomfortable topic of self-love. Noticing the tangible benefits it will bring us. And exploring how we can make a start ourselves. Read more.

Uplifting content for carers

7 books carers should read

This was one of our most popular blogs ever! Uplifting reads that are a pure tonic. Take a look - which ones have you read and what would you add? Read more.

How scrapbooking is helping carers

How to get going with scrapbooking and why you might like to. Exploring creativity and wellbeing. Read more.

Why uplift is so valuable to carers

For anyone who has been to one of our cuppas, you'll know about uplift! We love to finish every cuppa with uplift and it's something we as carers, can bring into our everyday. Find out more.

And of course, there was plenty of Covid support along the way, including our carers' guide to the Covid-19 vaccine.

And not forgetting the breadth of carers stories our community have shared.

And finally, our well visited Youtube channel and Podcast, with their growing library of videos about wellbeing, practical advice, guest experts and more.

Thanks for reading? What was your favourite read and what topic would you like to see?! Email us at claire@mobiliseonline.co.uk

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