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Celebrating 500 Cuppas

Here at Mobilise, our goal is to help unpaid carers to care and thrive. Come and connect with other unpaid carers just like yourself today. Where we share stories, laughter and (good) tears.

Illustration of three people celebrating, with all holding a laptop.

How and why we started

On the 18th March 2020, we joined together for the first-ever Cuppa for Carers. It has been great to get together and talk with other carers. In the beginning, a cuppa was just a space for carers to talk and learn from each other, we were “in it together” as the Covid19 pandemic began.

How the Cuppas have changed

Over the past 18 months, the format has developed as we learn about what works and we adapt to changing needs. We’ve added different styles and themes of cuppas to meet different needs and we’ll keep learning and developing too.

We know they are a place where we learn, build resilience and connect with others, we feel less isolated. They’ve also been a place to bring our difficult moments, share achievements and celebrations, as well as talk through difficult feelings.

What hasn’t changed

Some things remain constant in our approach:

  • A gentle intro to get everyone settled in and to find their voice

  • A spirit of learning and sharing

  • A confidential, safe space where we don’t judge each other, we respect and value our differences

  • Ending on uplift

Missing out on Cuppas?

A Cuppa isn’t for everyone, this is just one part of what Mobilise have to offer. If there is something stopping us from joining though, Suzanne would love to hear about it. Simply get in touch.

It might also be that we intended to come but don’t make it - something came up (a medical appointment will always trump a cuppa).

Sometimes we just lose track of time or what day it even is. If this is the case, the new 'Add to Calendar' button on our timetable might help. There's still no need to sign up in advance but if you are intending on coming to a particular cuppa you can pop it in your online calendar, set notifications, avoid double bookings and easily join from the invite in your diary.

What's next?

Here is everything you need to know about joining a Mobilise Cuppa. The first one can always be nerve-wracking so feel free to bring a friend!

Visit our Cuppa Timetable Page to find out what's on each week and what’s coming up, simply click the link to join in when you are ready. And don't forget to look out for our occasional welcome cuppas as an easy introduction. We hope to see you there.


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