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As part of our Creativity Week (2020) here at Mobilise, we're catching up with carers in our community. It's a wonderful way of getting to know each other better and being inspired to perhaps try something new.

We start today with Amanda, who is a regular in our Facebook Community and who you may recognise from our virtual cuppas.

Why be creative?

The benefits of getting creative go way beyond just having fun. According to the Great British Creativity test (run in partnership between University College London and BBC Arts);

"A study of 50,000 people found that regardless of skill level, taking part in activities like painting, pottery or music helps people manage their emotions, build confidence and explore solutions to problems."

In fact, according to the research;

"artistic creative activities regulate our emotions!"

So if you haven't made much time for creativity yet, then hopefully our this blog will inspire you!

The Power of the Pen - or a Word document!

Amanda, part of our Mobilise community, started journaling almost 15 years ago, when her new born baby was born with life threatening illnesses and disabilities.

Journaling provided a valuable support for her, during an incredibly difficult time. In our chat, Amanda talks about how journaling ultimately led her over many years, to start writing short stories and most recently, to publishing her own debut novel Leave Well Alone!

A big thank you to Amanda for taking time out of day to share her story with us.

Now our own creative habits may not lead to a new career! And we don't even have to be good at them to benefit from the emotional wellbeing perks. It's the taking part that counts! Remember the research study above? The emotional benefits to us, of getting creative are a fantastic reason to get started - and who knows where it may lead!

I don't consider myself to be very very creative, but I certainly feel inspired now!

We'd love to see your pictures and hear your creativity stories, either below or in our community!

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