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New Season, New Plan

Whatever our circumstances it can be helpful to stop and rethink our weekly routines. Lots of us did this at the beginning of coronavirus. Is it time to revisit this?

Perhaps we've got stuck in a rut? Even though nothing around us has changed much, this doesn't mean that we can't shake things up a bit and check that our routines are still working for us.

For those of us transitioning into new routines with school, work or other activities, we might want to make sure the new routines that are emerging include something for us too.

Here are eight questions to think about when we refresh our weekly plans

  1. Are there any important routines for the person we care for (e.g. Medication, appointments, physio etc)?

  2. What is the most important thing for us to add or keep in our weekly routine?

  3. What about the rest of the family - what activities and events do they have?

  4. Who is it important for us to spend time with - how can we do this?

  5. What are the practical things that need doing? Who can help with this?

  6. How could we make the weekends feel different, fun or relaxing?

  7. What do er need to start or stop doing?

  8. What could er do that helps us to recharge?

Ready to make your plan? Download our Carers' Weekly Planner to get you started.

Watch this video for a trip down memory lane. We've come along way after coming out of lockdown but the same thinking might help now too.

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We also have virtual cuppas which from Monday to Friday. Join us for laughs, a fun chat and real deep conversations! If that is too big a step, visit our Facebook community to connect with other unpaid carers.


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