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Simple breathing exercises for carers

Carmen Cooper, Wellbeing Facilitator at BANES Carers Centre, has put together a simple video for us, using the 2-to-1 breathing technique, to help counteract feelings of stress and overwhelm. This breathing exercise will help regulate your breathing so you return to a place of calm.

A simple breathing exercise video for carers

As carers, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the responsibilities we face, from medical appointments to the daily to do lists, cooking, cleaning and admin tasks that never seem to end.

And when we’re feeling stressed we often start to breathe faster, which can increase feelings of panic just at the moment when we would benefit from feeling calmer.

So why not take a few minutes to ourselves, to enjoy and benefit from Carmen's video.

For practical support with endless to-do lists, we may also like to pop the kettle on and have a read through these helpful blogs.

Suzanne, our head of carer support, has created this Getting Stuff Done Playlist packed with short helpful videos playlist of short helpful videos, to help us beat procrastination, get more done and feel better about it all.

And for anyone feeling overwhelmed right now, come join us over in the Mobilise Community. It's a space where carers are welcome to ask all sorts of questions to do with caring, and we help each other out with our experiences and wisdom.

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