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Five organisations providing support for men

For those of us who are men who care, there may be some unseen barriers or subtle differences to how we feel comfortable in accessing mental health support. Or boosting and maintaining our mental and physical health.

“I’ve learned to deal with it”

Does that sound familiar?

As with any of us in a caring role, putting our own health front and first, is essential to us being able to continue to care. This includes nurturing our physical health by ensuring we are aware of the free NHS health checks for men, and knowing where we can access the right support for us.

If we replenish our own needs, we live a better life. We're healthier, and we’re more willing and able to continue caring from a good place.

“You can’t pour from an empty cup.”

Below, we've included included useful support organisations and ideas to ensure we best take care of our own health - physically and mentally.

Illustration of a man sitting and thinking.

1. Men’s Health Forum

The Men’s Health Forum has heaps of resources to support men’s health.

They also have a simple 'MOT' checklist of things we can do to top ourselves up physically and mentally.

2. Andy’s Man Club

Andy’s Man Club runs talking groups for men. They have groups across the UK, and their goal is to ‘get men talking’ about anything and everything.

You don’t have to have a mental health issue to attend. Simply by going and talking, you’re doing something positive to help recover or retain stronger mental health. And you don't have to do it alone.

3. Men’s Shed

Men’s Sheds run across the UK, and provide a space for men to come together and connect over a community project. A really simple idea that’s great for the local community and for men’s wellbeing.

4. My Prime

Our very own Dom, who is our Partnership’s Manager, has set up his own Social Enterprise in south London, to get mid-life men active.

PRIME organises football friendlies for over 35s. Each match is about having fun and keeping active, and you’re welcome whatever your level of fitness. Each session has a coach to get everyone warmed up for a good game, with a cool down afterwards.

5. Open Age Men

Providing opportunities of social interaction and friendship through football, Open Age aims to reach out to men over the age of 50 from West London, who are experiencing isolation and loneliness. If you are from Kensington, Chelsea, Hammersmith, Fulham, or Westminster, why not give them a try?

What's next?

Do you know someone who might benefit from a nudge to put themselves first? Who could you share this with? And help us grow this list by letting us know who we’ve missed.

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Sep 27, 2023

Good information, please can we assist with our own forum from Healthwatch Manchester

please get in touch with me

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