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Celebrating our 100th Mobilise Cuppa

Our first Mobilise Virtual Cuppa for Carers was held on the 18th of March. Here we are at cuppa 100 reflecting on the journey that we've had, together, as a community of carers.

Our cuppas have become an established part of the way the Mobilise community support one another.

We've seen our community grow, lots of friendly carers join us regularly and every week there are new faces to welcome.

No two cuppas are the same, we've developed some regular themes cuppas added more times and welcomed over 100 carers.

Mobilise Moments

To celebrate this milestone, we asked the question "What has been your favourite Mobilise Moment?"

Here's what participants joining our 100th Cuppa had to say about being part of the Mobilise Community.

"Just finding you, helping to ground me when in the early days everything was topsy-turvey."
"A 'Thoughtful Thursday' collapsing into giggles when we shared a little about what 'uplift' meant to us."
"It's brought us all together we've all got such a thread running through us and it's been tightened as we've got know each other."
"I've really needed this and it's helped, every Friday has been brilliant."
"Thanks to everyone you've made it!"
"When people share the tough stuff and everyone in the cuppa nods because they get it!"
"This has been the release for me - like a pressure cooker with a valve we need to be able to release the pressure."

Others loved being on the Television with BBC and Sky News coverage, discovering how to use virtual backgrounds on Zoom.

Sharing our daily achievements from knitting a scarf to getting the ironing done. We get how important these things are.

Join us

Have you been to our cuppas? They run from Monday to Friday. Join us for laughs, a fun chat and real deep conversations! If that is too big a step, visit our Facebook community to connect with other unpaid carers. Ask questions! Don't be afraid to reach out - we're all doing this together.


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