• Joe Legate

Our creative community!

You may have read the last couple of blog posts on creativity in our community, as part of our creativity week. Amanda spoke with Claire (from Mobilise) about creative writing and Bridget wrote a blog about using art for wellbeing.

We wanted to get a sense of what projects the wonderful community has worked on through lockdown, so we took to social media and have pooled some of the responses below.

Emma S said: "With the help of a few others in our village I set up "Helping Hands volunteer scheme" to help the elderly and vulnerable with shopping and prescriptions. It was so rewarding and I have made some new friends."

Meanwhile Mark in Dorset certainly hadn't been twiddling his thumbs!

"600 food boxes, just over 600 free masks for carers and virtual quizzes and bingo."

In addition to our community minded members, many have also undertaken some creative personal projects - take a look at the gallery below.

Jean, Birmingham, art

Chloe, Lincolnshire, Photography

Suzanne, Hampshire, Gardening

Vanessa, Blackpool, Crochet

Jacqui, Rutland, Gardening

We have seen such a great range of creativity and talent from our community who have shared everything from one-off projects to new hobbies. What do you have planned next?

If you are looking to make time for yourself but unsure how to make this possible - book a call with one of our carers coaches. They're free and a great way to get you moving in the right direction - wherever that might be for you.