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Positive media for unpaid carers

We can all find our media stream of news overwhelming at times. As carers, we could greatly benefit from more positive news stories when we open our newspaper or phone. Some days we just need an uplift.

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But not all media is bad media!

Positive media is about noticing more of the good stuff - something we do in our ‘Start the Week Right’ online cuppa every Monday morning. After all;

“We get more of what we focus on.”

Media comes in different forms - from newspapers, TV, radios, to the blog we’re currently reading on Mobilise!

Here are some ideas for adding a bit more positivity into our lives, from the humble newspaper to YouTube, and everything in between.

What will you add to brighten your day? And remember - if it all gets too much for us, it’s always OK to turn our phones off or close that newspaper.

1. YouTube

One of the great things about YouTube is that it's free. With millions of videos to choose, YouTube has lots to offer, from comedy to educational videos (on almost everything!) and more. There are even podcast channels or ready-made playlists we can just pop on in the background, so we don't need to be glued to our screens.


  • Be Happy For This Moment playlist - On some days our caring roles simply call for being hands free. Either to wash the dishes, clean up after our loved ones or prepare a nutritious meal. Simply popping on some of our favourite songs can be a quick way to liven up our environment and mood! ‘Be Happy For This Moment’ playlist lasts an hour so we can just put it on and vibe!


  • TED Talk shows - Healthy media doesn’t always have to be fun, light-hearted media. It can also be educational and inspiring! As carers, we can sometimes feel the rut from doing repetitive tasks for a prolonged time. TED is a great talk show which we can simply pop on in the background and listen to. Including expert speakers on many different topics - there’s something for everyone. We can sign-up for the ‘types’ of things we’re interested in, and receive an email letting us know when a good talk is on. These can vary from short four minute clips to 40 minute clips.


  • Olive and Mabel - Andrew Cotter’s two labradors were the internet’s favourite during lockdown! But we can still watch the funny and adorable clips post-lockdown for an extra uplift! Our favourite one has to be ‘Olive and Mabel - Looking for love’ - their dating profile is quiet up there!

  • The Clark Family Creative’s ‘Hey! Baby’ performance is definitely wholesome and uplifting - a family with a big heart for music!

2. Facebook

Facebook is a great social platform to connect with friends and families around the world. It also means we can join groups that speak to us. Here are a couple of the ones our community has been enjoying.

  • The Pet Collective - Is everything funny and cute to do with pets! Because who doesn’t love animals? Or at least watching them!

  • Overheard in Waitrose - This page is dedicated to words and conversations from the aisles of Britain’s best-loved posh supermarket. Not only is the content funny but the comments do top them off! Do have a scroll through to see if any conversations sound familiar!

3. TV

Who doesn't love a little bit of a wind down in the evening (if we're lucky enough to have the time). Watching TV with our friends and family with a cup of tea or snacks is a great way to spend quality time - and have a great laugh.

  • You’ve been framed! - A classic! This British television series, for those of us who are very familiar with it, has no doubt brought happy tears. For those of us who don’t, viewers submit funny videos of their pets, family and friends doing embarrassing things! On top of that, comedian Harry Hill’s narrations definitely tops it off!

  • Gogglebox - Also a British television series whereby the genuine reactions of families in their own home are filmed while watching the highest-rated shows British television series. And the interactions they have with one another is indeed hilarious!

4. Radio

Some of us may or may not still tuning in on the radio. But for those of us who are, whether it is while driving, cooking, cleaning or gardening, here is one recommendation from a carer in the Mobilise Community.

  • M4D Radio - M4D Radio is all about playing music that “evokes memories’. They play music from the era 1930-40s up to the 1970s music, 24 hours, 365 days! We can simply pick our era to bring back some of those good nostalgia!

5. Instagram

Want some wholesome and uplifting content on your Instagram feed? Check out two of these positive news-style accounts shared by carers in our community.

  • Your Positive News - Posts content aimed to educate, uplift and inspire us. From real clips and moments from all around the world, we get to step out of our current headspace for a little while and see the lives of others - in a healthy way of course!

  • The Happy Broadcast - As well as the cute, vibrant visuals, ‘The Happy Broadcast’ is all in favor of feel good stories. Who doesn’t love feel good stories? From facts, to podcasts, to book recommendations, this page will definitely help brighten up our instagram feed and our day!

6. Digital and Paper Newspapers

The good thing with newspapers is that most companies also offer digital versions, meaning we can have it on our phones. Some of the ones carers have been enjoying include:

  • Positive News - With ‘Positive News’ we can sign up for a weekly email full of positive news. Or sign up for a quarterly magazine. This is a great way to feed some uplift and balance into our lives!

  • Private Eye - ‘Private Eye’ is a British fortnightly satirical and current affairs news printed magazine! And they also have a wide selection of podcasts if we ever need to be hands free.

  • The Happy News - 'The Happy News' is a newspaper platform that we can subscribe to, to receive physical copies of positive news and wonderful stories. Their subscriptions start as low as £3.99 and they also sell some yummy confectionery!

  • The Optimist Daily- ‘The Optimist Daily’ is an online news media publication which focuses on positive solutions from all around the world. These great morning reads can really help us start our day with a positive mindset. What we read and when we read these can really make a difference to our mood for the day!

7. Books

For the book junkies out there, here are some great recommendations to give us a little moment of escapism.

8. Why not go on a virtual holiday?

  • Drive and Listen - Sometimes we simply cannot leave the house. And this could be for a long period of time. With ‘Drive & Listen’, we can, virtually. We can feel as though we are sitting in a car and being driven through any city around the world of our choice! This is really like a holiday except without breaking the bank! More importantly, it’s guilt free time for ourselves.

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