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Carers' guide to the internet

When we need to find something out to help us with our caring role where do we go? It isn't always easy to find things out without spending hours on the internet getting lost down a rabbit warren of information and links.

Here's a quick "go to" list from our community of carers.

Websites recommended by carers

Ask Sara - Advice, support and products that make daily living easier

NRS Healthcare - Disability and mobility Aids - Research Institute for Disabled Consumers

Turn2Us - Benefits advice

Special Kids Company - Special needs clothing and accessories for children

Mental Health Forum - Support with mental health issues

Different Strokes - For younger stroke survivors and their families

Fledglings - Toys, clothing and sensory products (online shop supporting the charity Contact)

HFT - Supporting people with learning disabilities - supported living, domiciliary care, respite and residential care (nationwide but not established in all areas)

Headway - The brain injury association

Meningitis Now - Formerly Meningitis Trust and Meningitis UK, now merged

What else would you add to the list? - drop me a line.

Where else can I go to find reliable information?

1. Online communities

- condition specific and local Facebook Groups can be a great place to ask a question. Most areas will have a local parent carers Facebook group too.

2. Local carers organisation

Simply enter your postcode here to find local care services near you.

3. Citizens Advice Bureau

For some advice, find more information here.

4. Local professionals

These may include Social Worker, Social Prescriber, Link worker, Health Visitor

5. Local Council website or information and support website

For young people (0-25) try searching for your county or Local authority and "Local Offer".

The key thing to remember is that information can quickly become out of date, even on the internet.

What's next?

Quite often asking a community of people in the same situation can be the quickest route to an up to date answer. Connecting with and chatting to a network of people can also help us find out about things we didn't even know to ask about. That's why the Mobilise community of unpaid carers are central to everything Mobilise does.

We also have virtual cuppas for unpaid carers which run from Monday to Friday. Join us for laughs, a fun chat and real deep conversations!


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