Shropshire carer's questions, answered

Suzanne (from Mobilise) and Margarete (from Shropshire Council), answer questions posed by unpaid carers in Shropshire. 

Take a look through the questions below and see which might help you - click the link and you'll be taken to the related video answer. 

I’m looking for safety equipment for the home, where do I start?

Do I qualify for carers allowance?

How do I get a carers assessment?


My mum is having panic attacks during the night, is there someone she can speak to if this happens? She hates having to wake me up

Can anyone recommend a carer agency in Shropshire, I’m looking for someone to sit with my husband?

I’m about to complete a Personal Independence Payment application for my son who is Autistic. Can I get help or support in completing the form?


My mum needs to have a urine test but is housebound and I live a distance away and am working, who can help?


How to get help in Shropshire