Meal planning for busy carers

Whether we are feeding a busy household, cooking for someone else or just cooking for one, as carers anything that makes this easier is a bonus. Keeping it mostly healthy, quick and in budget is also important. We've come together as carers to share some meal planning wisdom.

Getting organised

A weekly meal plan is helpful - this can feel like an extra job but does save time and wasted food. Think about what is going on each day. Not every day will be a day we can cook a homemade meal from scratch! Keep past meal plans and recycle them for even quicker meal planning. Get the whole household involved with planning, perhaps others have a meal they can cook easily (Jacket potatoes is a good starting point).

"Keeping an up to date list of what is in my freezer saves me time and helps to inspire my weekly meals."

Not everything has to be cooked from scratch

Ready meals and other easy cook meals can make life easier. Tesco hot pots and casseroles are good (says Glyn). Fresh stuffed pasta topped with heated Passatta and grated cheese is quick and easy. Fresh hearty soup from supermarkets - the tubs can be reused for freezing you batch cooking too!

Have you tried recipe boxes? Michael recommends 'Gousto' which is a food subscription service where ingredients are delivered straight to our door!

When a friend says - "how can I help?" ask them to cook you a meal.

Yes, this counts as a meal!

Eggs - boiled, fried, scrambled or a quick omlette. Beans or cheese on toast, fish finger sandwiches, bacon butties, tins of soup, cheese and biscuits all count. Don't forget toasted sandwiches too, dig out your sandwich toaster or try toaster pockets like these.

Batch cook and stock up our freezer

I know I'm winning at life when I have at least 5 days of easy healthy meals for the family in the freezer - then I know I'm ready for anything

Buying larger portions of meat or vegetables can be cheaper and cooking double the amount won't double the time it takes. Chilli, bolognese, tagine, stew, soup and curries are all favourites. Freezing things in single portions also means we can have something to hand for those that don't fit in with our household mealtimes or have different dietary needs.

If we are caring for someone who lives elsewhere this might be easier than cooking them a meal from scratch at their house.

"Buy yourself an enormous saucepan so you can cook loads!"

Slow cookers, pressure cookers and soup makers

These are popular with carers too. A big slow cooker can be used to batch cook meals. At the start of the day we might have more energy and motivation to get something healthy started in the slow cooker. So satisfying when we head to the kitchen at the end of a busy day and dinner is nearly ready.

Things to have in stock

  • Chopped onions in the freezer

  • Baked Beans and all varieties of tinned beans

  • Tinned fish - tuna, sardines and salmon

  • Tinned tomatoes and passatta

  • All seasoning - great for southern fried chicken or sprinkled on potato wedges

A few of our favourites

1. Vanessa's Rice pudding in the slow cooker

180g pudding rice 20g granulated sweetener 1 litre semi skimmed milk 2 cap full of vanilla essence Sprinkle of cinnamon

Cook on low for 8 hours Cook on high for 4 hours Add water if needed during cook time Makes 6 potions

2. Christine's easy heathy supper for one





Bake in the oven and top with a tin of Sardines

3. Suzanne's vegetarian bolognese

No official quantities (but generally one of everything and keep adding to make the quantity you need)

Chopped onion

Crushed garlic

Grated carrot

Grated courgette

Chopped peppers

Sliced mushrooms

Tinned tomatoes


Tomato puree

Tinned lentils

Mixed herbs

Vegetable stock cube

Brown the onions in a little oil and sweat for a few minutes, add garlic and cook a minute. Then just add things as you chop them in the order above. Simmer for at least 30 minutes.

Other places to find easy, quick and healthy recipes

Our 'Quick and Easy Recipe for Carers' blog

BBC - Eat Well for Less

Lots of Facebook Groups for Slimming world, batch cooking and slow cooker recipes

If you have a recipe or meal idea to share do get in touch or share them in our Facebook community!

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