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What's on your Watchlist?

We asked the Mobilise Community for unpaid carers to share their favourite uplifting films that keep their spirits up. What are the films and shows that help you stay positive?

Illustration of woman watching TV.

Whether we transport ourselves to another world, solve a mystery or sing along to a musical, there is something for everyone.

One of the great things about investing in one of these stories or characters, is that many others have done the same. This can lead to so many new conversations with family, friends and like-minded people.

If we’re the competitive type, the programme or film might also become the basis of our round for an online quiz night. Carers also talked about how it could also create opportunities to start conversations, recommend new shows to add to the watchlist or start a video book club to help bring everyone a little bit closer.

Different types of media we can include in our watchlist

  • YouTube videos

  • Documentaries on Netflix or Amazon Prime

  • Social media live streams

These can be educational to support in whatever online adventure we choose to undertake. It can allow us to travel anywhere in the world, gain a small insight into the culture and provide us with the tools to learn a new skill.

One carer said these are really useful for children, especially if they can follow along, like the exercises with Joe Wicks or guitar lessons with James Bay.

Another carer said:

"It is important to remember that sometimes we just need a good laugh! A comedy or action drama to lift the spirits can be just what is needed. The great thing is that you get to decide what you watch and when you watch it!"

There was certainly a benefit to a TV series being an easy watch and definite calls for the return of Soap Operas! We also talked about the live streams of animals at various zoos. For example, Edinburgh Zoo are offering Live Streams of many of their animals and Chester Zoo ran a virtual open day.

Three simple tips to broaden our watchlist

During these conversations, carers shared their top tips for broadening their watchlist.

  • Use keyword searches to find the types of things we might be interested in. We may accidentally find similar shows or media that we would've not otherwise known about.

  • Check if any subscription services offer a free trial - and set an alarm to cancel it before it charges us

  • If we're not a big 'TV person' we can explore podcasts or radio shows to follow, such as the Radio 4 Comedy Podcasts. Another one to try could the new Breakfast Show, ‘Wakey’ which promises to be uplifting and feel-good entertainment!

Don't forget, we also have virtual cuppas which run from Monday to Friday. Join us for laughs, a fun chat and real deep conversations!


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