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Making Carer's Week work for you

Carer's Week can be a great opportunity to go to new events, meet other carers and raise the profile of the incredible things unpaid carers do day in, day out.

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That said, it’s important to remember to put our own needs first. Ensuring we get the most out of the week, without burning out. And we also have the option not to get involved at all.

This guide is a short summary of tips (from carers) to help us get the most out of the week, in a way that works for us.

1. Check out what’s going on in advance

Your local Carers’ Centre will almost definitely be planning some activities. Taking an early look can give us time to plan our week (and any logistics we might need to put in place). It also gives us time to chat with them about any other events we’d like to see running (if they’re not already on the list). See what’s on locally.

2. Use the week as a great opportunity to learn and to meet other carers

This is especially true, if we’re not already engaged with our local carer support. Carers Week is usually a great week for joining in and meeting other carers. Find support near you.

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3. Manage the number of online events you book onto

Be wary of Zoom fatigue! After a day of hopping from one online session to another, we can feel drained. Pick and chose the events most beneficial to you. And ask if they’ll be recordings - which can be a great way to catch up, in your own time.

4. Chose the events that will benefit YOU

These could be events that are going to enhance our day and make us feel good. Or they may be events that will empower us with useful knowledge. We might choose a campaigning event to share our impact. Pick and choose and don’t forget our days are already busy - so let’s pace ourselves!

A note on campaigning

There might be opportunities to campaign and raise awareness through the media. This can be a great way to productively channel our passion and evoke changes. However, campaigning isn’t for everyone. And for some of us, it can be extra work or stress. Never feel you “should” be involved.

Campaigning and sharing our voices can be more effective when joined up to an organisation already focussing on the issue, such as the We Care Campaign. A good starting point might be to check the specific campaigns being run by condition-specific organisations.

We also have a guide on how to campaign and be heard. With tips on how to preserve your energy and make the most of your voice.

5. Do nothing!

If joining events (in person or online) just feels like too much right now, then ‘doing nothing’ is absolutely fine too. There is no obligation. Carer Support organisations, including Mobilise, are here all year round. And events don’t only happen in Carers’ Week.

If you'd like some top tips or words of wisdom from those who have been through it before, the Mobilise Community may be a good place to start.

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