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Carers' top ten reads of 2020

Well 2020 turned was quite a year!

Our community of carers were incredible. We saw phenomenal support and strength throughout 2020, and a real sense of caring for each other, amongst our growing community.

So what caught our eye in 2020? Below we've pulled together the top 10 blogs, based on how many carers (like you) clicked through for a read!

Maybe there's one we missed, or one that we might just need to read again in this moment.

Cartoon image of a book, with speech bubbles and carers. Symbolising carers telling their story

Roxy and her sister are in their 30’s. Roxy’s sister was born prematurely with brain damage and as a result has a learning disability, limited mobility and suffers from seizures. Roxy chose to care for her sister at home as she was concerned about the risk of Covid-19. It hasn’t been easy but it now feels like it was the right decision for them both.

If we look after someone it can be helpful to create an Emergency Plan, ahead of an actual emergency!

Suzanne - our Head of Carer Support and a carer herself - has been through the process. And has created a simple template to capture our emergency plan.

The Coronavirus pandemic is changing things for pretty much everybody at the moment. The UK's 9 million informal carers were at the very front line. These are the people who are looking after a vulnerable member of their family, a friend or a neighbour. Many have been doing this for years, but in the last months it's got much tougher.

Mobilise has been speaking to carers since the crisis began. Read up on Carers' top five tips for coping right now.

One of the most important things for keeping many carers going is to have a routine. We've been talking to carers about how their routines were changing through the Coronavirus outbreak.

Here are some of the thoughts that came up, including our downloadable carer's weekly routine planner.

Sharing our simple techniques for coping with change and uncertainty. Our brains thrive on logic, so it's no wonder we're feeling jaded. With so many changing rules, with us in and out of lockdown, and with many of us experiencing big personal changes, the Coronavirus has certainly brought much change and uncertainty to our lives.

A blackboard with the words "What if?" written in white chalk

Mike shares his story, as carer for his husband Tom who has dementia. From spotting those first signs, to a diagnosis of dementia, and the journey thereafter. Mike also highlights some key legal matters to get in place, at a time when our mind can be understandably distracted.

These include Lasting Powers of Attorney, Wills and Trusts, NI contributions for pensions (through carers credit), Blue Badge, Legal Rights, and carer support.

A photo of Mike caring for his husband Tom, who has dementia. Mike is supporting Tom to drink a beer. They are sat in their kitchen.

Kyro shares his story of being a young carer (now young adult carer). Kyro began caring for his Mum when he was 13. He talks about his top three tips of things he wished he'd known from the start.

Getting on line has never been more important. Throughout this pandemic, we've seen the huge benefits of being able to connect with other carers online. For us, this has been evident through our virtual cuppas and within our Facebook community. Here Joe, our digital guru shares his step by step guide to getting us on online - no matter our technical know how.

Getting started as a carer, in the midst of a pandemic. Our community share their top tips to getting the right support.

10. Uplift

What is uplift, why is it so valuable to carers and how can we get it? Read our guide to uplift - lifting our spirits even in tough times.

What's next?

Did we miss your favourite blog of 2020? Don't be shy! Share it in our Facebook Group - if it helped you - it will help others.

A big thanks, as always, to our carer community who contributed such useful wisdom to the blogs we share.

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